About Great Dates

It All Started With Swipe Fatigue

Hi, yes that’s me with the Mickey ears. I’m Sam, the founder of Great Dates For Singles. It all came about after what felt like an eternity of awful online dating experiences and feeling like I never got out to meet other single people. It felt like singles had become an endangered species never seen out in the wild.

Singles nights didn’t seem to exist anymore and everyone I spoke to was getting swipe fatigue from dating apps. So I set up my own singles nights all designed to get everyone there engaging, chatting, mingling and just generally having a great night out. I roped in my mate Geoff to help out and since then we’ve developed a range of our own unique, fun, nights to help singles get out and about and meeting new people face to face.

But, I also know that some people still like the swiping thing, so because I’m a techie by day, I partnered with an international dating site and developed our own online members’ area, so you can still find people online as well as attending events. And you can even buy a mug, t-shirt and gym water bottle to announce your single status in style from our merchandise shop.

I may not have all the answers to finding the love of your life but at least I can make sure you have a great night out whilst trying to do so.

Happy dating! x 

How to Find Love With Us

We aren’t just your average online dating site. Our main focus is getting you out and about and meeting new people face to face. Engaging in conversations with those you may not normally swipe for. We are all about putting the fun back into dating and avoiding the swipe fatigue.

Attend An Event

Come along to one of our events to get you into the swing of meeting new people face to face. Our events are always very relaxed and great fun and you’ll have a great night.

Search Matches

Use our online dating area to find even more potential dates. With our dating site partners you’ll have access to millions of dating profiles, both locally and nationally.

Start Dating

Once you’ve found your match it’s time to get dating! Read our dating and relationship guides and ideas for places to go on your dates.

Work With Us

And we aren’t just all about dating either! Would you like to work with us? If you are a venue looking to host one of our events or a potential host who would love to bring the Great Dates events to your area, find out more about how you could help to spread some love with us.